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  • physiokey basic course

    by KTO2016 10 Lessons in $199.00

    physiokey basic course

    182 learners taking this course

    This physiokey basic course helps you to begin using your physiokey effectively so as to integrate into your practice or as a stand-alone therapy for pain relief and functional restoration. Consisting of 7 short video lectures, quizzes, and protocol downloads, the course will give you the tools you need to use your physiokey effectively and […]

  • Practitioner Webinar Series

    by Chris Mortensen 2 Lessons in $199.00

    44 learners taking this course

    Presented by NS Health Australia, the Practitioner Webinar Series are recorded Live Webinars discussing physiokey treatment and sharing case studies and experiences with fellow practitioners.  

  • physiokey advanced course

    by KTO2016 6 Lessons in $199.00

    physiokey advanced course

    90 learners taking this course

    The advanced course deals with treatment strategies based on the patient’s response to physiokey therapy; Local reactions to physiokey treatment, General reactions to physiokey treatment, and Lack of reaction to physiokey treatment.