How does keytraining.online verify my work?

The keytraining.online system is able to track when a member watches and finishes a movie in a title.

Login & Passwords

How do I change my password?

Go to the “my account” tab in the top-right-hand-corner and you can enter your account or reset your password by clicking the “lost password link”.

I can't remember my username. What should I do?

Your username will be the email address you used to sign up to keytraining.online.

Misc Qs and As

How does key training.online compare to an online degree or certificate from a vocational school or vendor?

keytraining.online course of completion is not the same as a degree course and it is very important that it is not confused with such. Completing the online course does not mean that the member is then certified in that respective therapy, it only reflects that they completed the course on keytraining.online.

I would like to update my contact details. How do I do that?

Go to “my account” in the top-right-hand corner and sign into your account, there you can update it.

Where can I find my course history?

Go to “my courses” in the top-right-hand corner, sign in and you can access your course history.

I no longer wish to receive updates / newsletters. How do I remove myself from your email list?

Just drop us a line from the please contact us. page (response time is 24-48hours) with the words “Unsubscribe” in the subject line and we will remove your details from our mailing list.

Where do I find free training tutorials?

The FREE training trutorials are for the sanakey personal pain relief device. You will be asked to create a FREE account in order to access the videos.


The videos will not play. How do I get them to play?

Most issues are solved by clearing your web browser’s cache and cookies or logging out and logging back in to your account. Below are additional trouble shooting tips that will usually solve any playback issue:

  • Log out of keytraining.online, quit your browser, and then log back in.
  • Try clearing your browsers cache and cookies.
  • See if restarting your computer solves the problem.
  • Make sure any privacy software, security software, or browser add-ons you may be running are not causing the problem.
  • Try removing browser add-ons. Make sure your operating system has all its important updates.
  • Try using a different web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

I don't see the training videos and/or courses I am looking for. Can I send a request for a video/course to be added to keytraining.online?

We keep track of every request we receive and endeavour to satisfy all submissions. However we are a very small band of passionate individuals, so please be patient! Here’s how to send us a new video/course request:

  1. Go to the Contact page.
  2. Fill in your contact information, a subject message, and your request.
  3. Click send.

My tutorial videos keep pausing. Why?

You may be experiencing slow data transfer. If you pause the video and wait for more (or all) of it to buffer before you resume playing, it will play without stopping. You can tell how much of the video has buffered by looking at the controller bar at the bottom of the player window. You will see the bar fill in with gray, from left to right, as the video buffers. Once the controller bar is completely filled in with gray, the video has finished buffering.

Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact page.