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The physiokey advanced course comprises of 7 video lectures where you will learn advanced techniques and methods for complex painful disorders and pain relief using the physiokey.

View the physiokey advanced course description below.  Please note. The  physiokey basic course is a pre-requisite to taking the  physiokey advanced course.


How do I access the physiokey advanced course?

Congratulations on your purchase of a physiokey! The physiokey basic course is a prerequisite to the physiokey advanced coures. We call the range of Key Devices including the physiokey “ the iPhone of pain relief devices”. With the latest European technology, this revolutionary handheld, non-invasive pain-relief device is intuitive and easy to use for fast and effective pain relief.

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The physiokey advanced course comprises of 7 video lectures, with additional quizzes and case studies.   You will learn advanced techniques and treatment methods of complex, acute and chronic pain disorders.

  • Lesson 1:  Introduction and Review
  • Lesson 2:  Local Pain Relief Methods
  • Lesson 3:  Drainage Methods
  • Lesson 4:  Treatment Planning According to Patient Response
  • Lesson 5:  Treatment Planning According to General Patient Response
  • Lesson 6:  Treatment Planning According to the Appearance of Old Symptoms or No Dynamic
  • Lesson 7:   Self-Regulation and Adaptive Methods

Bonus:  physiokey FAQ’s, additional quizzes, entry into Physiokey User Group on Facebook (closed group).

Please note. The  physiokey basic course is a pre-requisite to taking the  physiokey advanced course.

Futher information on physiokey therapy

Following basic training the results from physiokey therapy for pain relief can be dramatic.

Although almost anyone can get a positive result with this technology, it is the training and experience with the physiokey that will stand you apart from others as a practitioner.

There is a big difference between using the device and using the technology. They are not the same. The device, as a very effective feedback controlled neurostimulation device, can be successfully utilised in ANY practice, complementing already existing methods. BUT, it is the use of the technology which will take you into of different realm of your practice. This is where advanced training is important!

physiokey therapy has a developed theoretical basis, a specialised system of assessment of the body’s condition, and a specific therapy methodology. The advanced course deals with treatment strategies based on the patient’s response to physiokey therapy;

  1. Local reactions to physiokeytherapy,
  2. General reactions to physiokeytherapy, and
  3. Lack of reaction to physiokey

Please note. The  physiokey basic course is a pre-requisite to taking the  physiokey advanced course.


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