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The sanakey basic FREE course is the perfect way to learn how to use your sanakey efficiently and effectively. Presented through easy to follow videos, you will be quickly applying your sanakey to all sorts of aches and pains. A Certificate of Completion is awarded by Chris Mortensen upon full completion of the sanakey basic course.

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How do I access my FREE sanakey basic course?

Congratulations on your purchase of a sanakey! Now let’s get stuck into learning how to use your sanakey. We call the sanakey “ the iPhone of pain relief devices”. With the latest European technology, this revolutionary handheld, non-invasive pain-relief device is intuitive and easy to use for fast and effective pain relief.

How to access your sanakey online training:

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Chris Mortensen
Key-Therapy Trainer
Author of Key-Therapy training materials


Learn how to use your sanakey for personal pain relief in our sanakey basic course:

  • lesson 1: sanakey use and operation
  • lesson 2: sanakey service menu
  • lesson 3:  using the key-phoresis setting
  • lesson 4:  back pain treatment with sanakey
  • lesson 5:  elbow pain treatment with sanakey
  • lesson 6:  knee pain treatment with sanakey
  • lesson 7:  small joint pain treatment with sanakey
  • lesson 8:  sinus headache pain treatment with sanakey
  • lesson 9:  tension headache pain treatment with sanakey

Bonus:  sanakey treatment downloads plus sanakey FAQ’s.


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