sanakey basic online course

This FREE online course is the perfect way to learn to how to use your sanakey personal pain relief device efficiently and effectively!

Take control of your health and carry out pain relief therapy at home or on the go! The sanakey personal pain relief device offers you a variety of possibilities. Especially for personal use, this medical device alleviates acute and chronic pain and supports rapid restoration of function.

This handy device relies on Keytec’s proven bioadaptive impulse therapy, which as well as rapid pain relief, positively influences the autonomic nervous system and thus the body’s own adaptation processes. In this way, the body’s defences are strengthened and the body is shown a way to self-healing.

Presented through easy to follow videos, you’ll be very quickly applying your sanakey to all sorts of aches and pains!

Bonus:  Treatment downloads available in your sanakey basic course.

sanakey app

Get the best possible sanakey treatment outcome by utilizing the optional smartphone sanakey app, now available from the  App Store and Google Play.


sanakey app